a delusion of reality (remia) wrote in projectionists,
a delusion of reality

Got manuals?

So I got transfered temporarily to help out at one of the other local theaters which is running older equipment and has been eating up a lot of the techs time because no one here knows what to do to fix it and just has basic projector knowledge. ie, how to thread and start a movie, fix focus issues, how to build up and how to tear down. Anything else that's going on so far I have tinkered with and figured out how to fix. Now the problem I am faced with is the fact we are missing the manuals for both our lamphouse and our automation at one of the 2 theaters I go back and forth between (ie sister theaters only 3 blocks apart so technically I work at both right now).

I have already poked around Strong's web site and Film-tech for the missing manuals but neither seem to have them up. So anyone know where I can track down the missing manuals? The missing manuals are for:

Strong Super Highlight Console (not to be confused with the Super Highlight 2)
Serial: 92782
Type: 598700-056

Optical Radiation Corp.
Strong ORC PG 2020 (not to be confused with the later model 2120's)

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